The aspirations of Dr Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh to be the Governor of Ebonyi State in 2023 has received a strong support from the organised private sector. In a lavish dinner held in honour of South East business leaders, state Presidents of Chambers of commerce, Director generals, Youth and Women entrepreneurs at the sideline of NACCIMA 1st quarter Council meeting held in Abuja 23rd-24th Feb 2022.

During the event, Dr Ezeh asserted that he is in the race to support in halting the dangerous descent into ungovernable spaces in the south east. He called on his fellow entrepreneurs to heed the call to service, noting that the business environment of the South East has totally collapsed and in need of Recovery, Rebuilding and Restoration.

In his words, “the east is dying a slow but painful death, our youths need jobs, our small businesses need a supportive environment to thrive, the times call for entrepreneurs, intellectuals and technocrats to get involved in politics and the political process”.

According to him, the young men and women have become both desperate and despondent. The Nigerian conundrum presents a sad current reality of
Poverty in the midst of plenty. He promises a people centric governance that will halt the tide of what is becoming a revolt of the masses.

Recall that on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, during the Ebonyi State PDP expanded State Executive meeting, Dr Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh officially declared his interest to contest for the governorship of Ebonyi State in 2023; a bold step that instantly altered the dynamics of the game of politics in Ebonyi State, given his intimidating profile, obvious competence, sense of preparedness and the technocratic background from which he surfaced.

He is an Oxford trained entrepreneur and holds multiple Doctoral qualifications in diverse specialisations from entrepreneurship and Innovation to Leadership and Global trade. These mind-blowing records put him far ahead of his contenders.

Dr Ezeh who is the current President of Ebonyi Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture and deputy to Chief Ngonadi (SECCIMA President)
is coming highly networked, Intellectually prepared, emotionally and physically sound.

He promises that the Soludo effects witnessed in Anambra would re-echo in Ebonyi State in what has become the people’s movement that cuts across party affiliations.

The (South East Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (SECCIMA) family led by Chief Ngonadi pledged to support and provide necessary action that would help Dr Ezeh win gloriously in 2023 Gubernatorial election in Ebonyi State.

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