2023:’ I’m the only candidate that can defeat APC’ – Wike

Rivers State Governor and Presidential Aspirant under Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Governor Nyesom Wike has disclosed that he is the only PDP candidate that can defeat the All Progressive Congress in the 2023 general election.

Gov. Wike made this known in Abakaliki on Friday while soliciting support from the party delegates in respect to the forthcoming party primaries.

Wike urged stakeholders to give him their support and not to sell their votes assuring that he has the capacity to face the APC government whom he described as “Satan” troubling the peace of the country.

“I beg you (delegates) to give me the PDP presidential ticket. Currently, you are the most important in the country, that’s why I’m begging you. When I win the ticket, then I can talk to Nigerians.

“What I need is the PDP presidential ticket to send APC packing. The APC is the Satan that is troubling Nigeria. We don’t have to allow the APC to continue in power anymore. Don’t be sentimental about it.”

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“If you want to continue to suffer and be killed by bandits and kidnappers, then don’t give me the PDP ticket. But if you want all these nonsense to stop in Nigeria and want the best for our children, the youths and the women, then give me the PDP ticket.

“It’s only me that can defeat the APC. Other aspirants don’t have what it takes. Therefore, I beg you to give me the PDP ticket and the moment you give it to me, then go to bed and sleep with your two eyes closed.

“This is because, I am the aspirant that can chase APC out of power, with the PDP presidential ticket.”


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Cross section of party faithfuls

He maintained that he is not running to negotiate to become the Vice President , nor to bear a one time presidential aspirant rather to win the election, while assuring the party that he would always stand by the party through thick and thin.

Adding ‘I am not running election to be Vice President nor to be someone’s running mate, give the ticket to someone who will not run away from your party.” He assured.


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