5 injured in Ebonyi Communual Clash, as Council boss Sues for Peace

The Voice Reporters

Five persons have been reportedly injured in an unprovoked crisis between the people of Isophumini Mbeke- Ishieke and the indigenes of Ezza Effuim residing in Ebonyi Local government area of Ebonyi State.

The Voice gathered that on Thursday night, a disturbing incident unfolded at Nwori Ishophumini, Mbeke-Ishieke Market.

A group of armed individuals arrived at the village square, firing shots into the air and causing extensive damage to property worth millions of naira. Several people sustained injuries during this tumultuous event.

These armed individuals were allegedly from the Ezza Effium community, wielding firearms, machetes, iron rods, and sticks as they targeted people on ground.

It was further scooped that the root cause of this tension can be traced back to an earlier incident when a vehicle, supposedly transporting timber, was subjected to a ‘stop and search’ operation by the National Union of Road Transport Workers and the local security team.

The driver resisted the search, and allegedly called the owner of the goods, and within minutes, a group of armed men arrived, launching an attack on the villagers.

This resulted in heightened tension, with five individuals sustaining injuries and the loss of six motorcycles and two mobile phones belonging to villagers.

Among the injured were Nkwuda Obinna, Nwali Kenneth, Nwife Chibuike, Oluchi Nwori, and Mattew Nworie. Those who suffered property losses included Chidi Nwangele, Sunday Nwebonyi, and Anyigor Sunday.

In response to the crisis, community stakeholders ordered all Ezza individuals seeking refuge within the community to vacate immediately, in an effort to prevent further turmoil. This directive led to an exodus of Ezza refugees, fleeing the village in fear.

Chairman of the Council, Hon.Chinedu Uburu immediately took proactive steps to address the situation. He mandated that the Ezza people return the stolen motorcycles, replace the looted properties, and cover the expenses for damaged goods and medical bills incurred by the injured individuals.

He further stated that Ezza residents temporarily residing in Izzi should not be evicted, emphasizing that the village would continue to accommodate them.

Chairman Uburu assured both Izzis and Ezzas that they could conduct their business without fear of harassment.

Additionally, Chairman Uburu called for a meeting on Tuesday, January 26, 2023, with members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Nwori Mbeke Chapter, and the local security team in Isophumuni village to further address the situation.

Meanwhile, Ezza stakeholders, led by Hon. Chinedu Awo, condemned the situation, distancing the Ezza people from the crisis. They pledged their commitment to ensuring the return of all looted properties to their rightful owners.

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