Abakaliki Residents Groan As Price Of ‘Pure Water’ Soars

By Daniel Ekuma


Pure water


The price of sachet water, popularly known as pure water, has been increased across Abakaliki and environs, with a bag now sold at N250 and a sachet for N20 making it for an ordinary man to afford.

A bag of Pure water which was earlier sold for 70 increased to 120 to 150 and now has reached increased to 250. Speaking to THE VOICE some of the traders attributed the increase to the increase in transportation, stating that they had to increase the goods to make profit.

A trader identified as Lilian revealed to the voice that the prices of water varies yearly , stating “why I increase cost of my water sales, especially Aquarapha is on the transporters of the water, this transporters charge me a very very high amount of money for my water to be delivered forcing me to increase the price of my water Soo as to make profit”.

Another trader who spoke to THE VOICE known as Ogbonna Ezekiel also attributed the increase in the cost of fuel, disclosing that due to the high demand in AcquaRapha the cost of transportation led to the increasement of the product.

Stating ‘This pure water business, I just started it last year and well, it sells but with time. The main reason why I increase my price is due to the cost it took for it’s delivery. The transporters charge me 80k from Enugu to Abakaliki (Aquarapha).. And others charge me like 70k, considering the cost , I’ll have to also add money to make profit, so it’s not my fault. Therefore the people should be aware it’s not our fault.” he stated.

Speaking to a resident and also a consumer identified as Chizaram Eze, she decried the cost of pure water in the State, stating that the increase has led many drinking boreholes which are salty and unfit to drink. She called on the government to provide portable water for the residents as this will help reduce the demand for pure water and subsequently reduce the price.

Stating ‘if the taps connected to Oferekpe and Ezuilo dam are functioning effectively, we won’t be suffering like this. I spend not less than 4,000 naira in a week to buy water for my family and I to drink, it is alarming.


“And the situation of things in the country is not ecouraging, everything is on the increase including pure water. Most times when I don’t have money we end up drinking borehole water, which you know in the East it is very salty and unfit to drink. Government should please look into this situation and do the needful.” She plead.

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