*Promises New Nigeria where lives would be secured

As the Labour Party (LP) Presidential campaign trail moved to Ebonyi State, yesterday, the busy Afikpo road, Ogoja road, Udensi round about and Ezza Road were all deserted as shop owners and traders in their thousands went to welcome the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

Obi, who arrived Abakaliki at about 2:30 pm, with his running mate, Ahmed Datti, were received by chieftains of the party.

The LP presidential candidate who was at Grand Arena to meet with the party faithfuls , assured the people of a new Nigeria where lives and properties would be secured.

Obi assured the party faithfuls that he would restored Nigerian’s lost glory, if voted into power, saying he should be held responsible if his administration fails to impact positively on the lives and economy of the nation.

Why addressing a mammoth crowd in PA Oruta Township Stadium, in Abakaliki, he appealed to voters to trust him with their mandate, and that they will not regret their decisions.

The LP Presidential Candidate also added that his administration would ensure that his policies and programmes would favour the youths to end the sufferings Nigerians are facing under the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led federal government.

He urge the people not to vote for those contesting based on religion, tribe and turn but focus on competence, credibility and performance in various sphere of influence in the presidential election.

He said: “This year’s election is not going to be about religion; let’s not allow them to divide us again. It is nobody’s turn, but your turn to take back your country.

“Am contesting this election as an Igbo man who is most qualified. People want to be president but they have not told you who they are . I will change this country; hold me responsible. This is a great country and there’s no reason we are to be suffering. We don’t want those who are stealing our money.

“Anybody that gives you, money take it. It’s your money. Take the money and reject them. I was the governor of Anambra State and I never owned anybody. I left N75 billion naira.

“We want you to vote for human being. We want to take care of mama, papa and pikin. Hold me responsible, let’s build a new Nigeria. This my government will be for everyone; Mama papa, pikin.”

He noted that some money-bag politicians in the country have been using religion and tribe especially during elections to divide the country.

Mammoth crowd at Pa Ngele Oruta Township Stadium

Obi said “this year’s election should not be on tribe, no tribal brain is cheaper. Every tribe is suffering, there is insurgency in the North, there is insecurity in the North. Katsina is not secured neither Maiduguari is secured . We don’t want that any longer, this is what they use to divide us.

“This year’s election will not be based on religion. Let nobody deceive you on religion because that is what is used to deceive us.

“Let no one divide us again by religion, we don’t want that division any more and let no one tell you it is my turn, it is nobody turn. It is your turn to take back your country.

“This year’s election must be based on character that we can trust. I am not contesting this election as an Igbo man or an Easterner. I am contesting this election as a Nigerian who is the most qualified”.

In his part, the former Minister of state for Health, Mr. Fidelis Nwankwo during the campaign Rally said only Peter Obi will fix the food, fuel and Naria scarcities that is wrecking havoc on Nigerians.

According to Nwankwo, the country is in dare need of a young man that has capacity and vision to transform the country.

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