Actor Akume Akume has called on the Nigerian movie industry and fans to help actress Ada Ameh who is currently going through a mental breakdown.

The Benue-born actor called for help in a Facebook and Instagram post saying:

“Hello. all… Greetings to whoever is reading this. This is is to all my Nollywood family, Benue film producers, actors and well-wishers. Our Darling sister and colleague are going through a lot at the moment.

She’s been down with some mental health issues. She’s recovering now though.

“A certain company is suing her for failing to perform her duties on set, which was due to her health issues. Adah Ameh needs us now… AGN, DGN, CDGN, PROMOTERS, MARKETERS, FANS… You can reach her directly via her Instagram account call her… Or better still go through AGN chairmen.”

Ada Ameh, who lost her only child in 2020, in an Instagram post on Wednesday, revealed she has been going through mental health issues and she is being sued for failing to carry out a job. She said:

“Everything is going to be fine, I have an issue right now but it is taking my life but I no go die. We would get over it. I was given a job but I didn’t do it because I have mental health issues.

“Would people understand when you have mental issues? No they wouldn’t. They are slamming me with a bill, suing me. It’s okay”.

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