Ofoke inside the goat house with his right leg chained to the burglary

One Onyema Ofoke from Izzi local government area of Ebonyi state, was reportedly chained in a goat house by his brother in-law for allegedly causing nuisance in the compound after consuming some bottles of alcohol beverages.

According to the Special Assistant to the Governor on Security and Utility, Capital City, Saint Nchekwube Anyigor, who disclosed the information, he said Ofoke had been locked up in the goat house for one week before their intervention.

The incident happened at no 7 Adol Awam street Abakaliki, and he was discovered on Saturday through a tip off.

In a video uploaded by the SA, Ofoke was asked where he defecates, he pointed at a custard bucket close by, stating that after defecation his captors would carry it out.

Ofoke’s right leg could be seen in the video chained to the window burglary.

Nchekwube also revealed that Ofoke’s sister upon arrest confessed that that particular room is where they keep goats, while thanking the DPO Kpirikpiri police station and others for their quick response.

“How will you feel when you are tied like a goat in a closed none ventilated thatch room for one week? This is what happened to Onyema Ofoke from Izzi as his brother in law and one other in conspiration with his father who married two wives, locked him up in a smelly small room at no.7 Adol Awam street mile 50 Abakaliki.

“The sister whom we arrested confessed that the room is where they keep goat.

“Thanks to the DPO Kpirikpiri police station, the DCO among others who responded to my distress call.

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