… State Virology Center to commence blood sample testing for Coronavirus.

Gov. Umahi
Gov. Umahi

Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State has warned a driver to one of his exco members who recently returned from China and currently in Lagos state not to come back to Ebonyi state.

Umahi warned that for him to enter Ebonyi state that he has to embark on self isolation for 14 days or face his wrath.

He said he had directed the man to isolate himself in a hotel in Lagos for 14 days at government’s expense or any place of his choice after which he must go for to a test before returning to the state.

The Governor stated this on Tuesday during a state broadcast on the COVID-19 at the Exco chambers Government House, Abakaliki, revealing that the man was insisting on returning to the state against family and government advice.

The returnee was said to have returned from China on Monday evening and desperately wanted to come to Ebonyi before the governor was alerted to the situation.

The governor has also directed that all passengers to and from Lagos, Edo, Abuja and Southwest must be recorded and submitted to the Ministry of Health on daily basis
Meanwhile, Umahi reiterated that the State Virology Centre is set to commence blood sample testing for the deadly Coronavirus.

He said the Centre already has the machine for the testing and will commence full testing operation by April 1 when the test kits will arrive the state.

He disclosed that presently only hospitals in Abuja, Lagos and Edo state have the capacity to test for the virus which was not adequate for a highly populated country like Nigeria

Adding that the Virology Centre testing facility will be deployed to test for the virus for the entire South East, parts of South South and also the North Central regions of the country

His words: “we have purchased a number of equipment like Temperature gauge, ventilators and isolation cubicles. Our virology laboratory equipment for Lassa fever will be deployed for blood sample testing of suspected Covid-19 patients with symptoms before April 1 when we shall have the test kits”.

“Only three Centres are presently doing the testing in in Nigeria. When ours comes it shall serve the Southeast, South South and even North Central”.

He further ordered the recall of all retired health workers in the state to help fight the deadly disease.

Umahi also said that the ban on gatherings with more than 50 people is no longer applicable to religious institutions, markets, Banks and hotels.

He maintained the state still bans burial ceremonies, wake-keep, naming ceremonies, wedding outside the religious premises, conferences, crusade and drinking bar of more than 50 customers.

He averred that the State Government will not close down religious centers, Markets, Hotels and other essential service centers for now as no case has been recorded in the South East.

The governor however directed all religious institutions and all Centers for Essential Services to provide nose masks, running water and ensure that every person entering and exiting do wash their hands in a running water and use of sanitizers and distancing.

Adding: “Those on health and other essential services are hereby excluded. All retirees on health are hereby recalled at State and local government areas to help our medical team in our fight to protect our people”.

“The gathering of more than 50 persons other than in the essential service centers such as Markets, Ricemills, Religious Centers, Banks, Hotels, and other essential Service Centers shall be an offence”.

“We have advised all religious institutions and all Centers for Essential Services as mentioned above to provide nose masks, running water and ensure that every person entering and exiting do wash their hands in a running water and use sanitizers, gaps must be created among people within these essential Service Centers”.

“We have had meetings with Christian Association of Nigeria and the Muslim Community and we have agreed that we shall not shut down religious institutions for now as no case is recorded in South East. God forbid, should it become necessary tomorrow to shut down religious institutions, our Government shall be bold enough to do so after meeting with religious leaders”.

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