By Angela Nwaeze Mbaocha

The Ebonyi state Commissioner of Finance, Prof. Ogbonnaya Chukwu, has decried so many manipulations at the just concluded teachers verification exercise in Ohaukwu local government area of the state.

He therefore appealed to the state government to adopt table payment for teachers in that particular local government area.

Prof. Chukwu disclosed this on Wednesday while addressing journalists in his Abakaliki office few days after he resumed, and vowed to expose corrupt practice in the ministry.

In his words, “In Ohaukwu local government area, there were several manipulations. We were to audit teachers; verification of teachers is done school by school. From what I saw there was fraud during the teachers’ verification in Ohaukwu local government. So it’s better we adopt the table payment salary.

“If there are loopholes and I identify them, I will block it and expose it and the person involved will be brought to book. Everything is not all about money because any money gotten through an evil way, also disappear through an evil way.

Speaking on minimum wage, he reiterated that the state has been waiting for the federal government to do a consequential adjustment so that the state government will discuss with the labour union on what to do with the minimum wage.

He maintained that the state is willing to pay the minimum wage but will implement the payment when the federal government adjusts to the consequential payment.

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