By Joel Ogamde

The African industry Award 2020 has been scheduled to hold in Ebonyi in October

This was communicated during the press briefing held at Ebonyi staff development center on the 11th of August 2020 by the AFI award chairman Ebonyi state chapter.

The chairman heading the team members of the Africa industry award Ebonyi state Mr Henry in his remark said that Africa industry award (AFI) is an African organization with a view to celebrate and reward the achievements of the Africans positively impacting Africa in different industrial areas and learning.

Mr Henry stated that the aim of the African industry award is to encourage various tribes and people of Africa to look inwards and build from the inside out through innovation, skills, indigenous applications of technology, local industrialization, entrepreneurship and economic growth that ends poverty through employment and empowerment to move Africa continent to an enviable height.

Moreover, he stated that the mission of the African industry award AFI is to celebrate and reward the achievements of the Africans in different industrial areas.

The chairman AFI award also specified the categories people that could feature into African industry awards which includes the political sector, educational sector, entertainment sector, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, philanthropist etc

Furthermore, the AFI chairman while commenting on the economic importance of AFI to the growth and development of Ebonyi state, he however said that AFI award will attract foreign investors who will have interest investing Ebonyi state since it is one of the most peaceful, beautiful and fastest growing state in Nigeria. He said AFI award will attract investors who will come to observe the beautiful nature of the state and its God’s given treasures.

In his statement, he also stipulated that AFI award will bring the youths of Ebonyi state together as they are so many talents in Ebonyi state especially in the entertainment industry. He said that through AFI award they talents will be made manifest as such be grabed by those who are up and doing in the entertainment industry

Other team members of AFI award who were present during the press briefing includes, Mr Dickson, Mr Akachukwu, Mr Oscar, and Mr Silvester.

The commissioner business development when contacted in his office during the press briefing said that foreign direct investment is the dream of every state because no state has sufficient resources to cope with they dreams and expectations.

However he said that he would be excited to have investors come into Ebonyi state and that any organization that is ready to stimulate what governor Umahi is doing in Ebonyi state that he would be happy to welcome such organization.

The commissioner further assured the AFI team members of security. He said that Ebonyi state government under the leadership of governor David Umahi will ensure absolute peace and order through out the event in the state.

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