Ebonyi state Governor, Engr. David Umahi has demanded the removal of Ebonyi state from the newly created zone 13, Anambra State.

The governor noted that he didn’t see any reason why Ebonyi state was removed from zone 9, Umuahia, Abia State, to the newly created zone 13, located at Ukpo in Anambra State.

He stated this on Thursday during the inauguration of Ebonyi State Community Policing Advisory Committees at Ecumenical centre Abakaliki.

He maintained that Ebonyi was smuggled to Akwa, adding that he was more comfortable with Ebonyi being in zone 9, Umuahia.

“I have a little disagreement with the AIG, zone 13 in Awka; we cannot belong to Awka. You must know your level to succeed in life. I moved our people from Calabar to Umuahia, I don’t know who smuggled us back to Awka; I have no idea, we cannot be in Awka.”

“One, the roads; two, insecurity, our people going there; three is so much money around that place, we don’t have. Let us be in Umuahia with our little money.We are in Umuahia, we cannot go to Nnewi.”

He also challenged security agencies in the state to live up to expectations as they are lacking in so many ways.

“Police is more active in the day than in the night. CP, I want to see SARS in the night the much I see them during the day. I want to see the Safer Highway in the night and see them in the day; not that they have not done very well, but we have to remain the best.”

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