…Denies Alleged Involvement, accuses PDP stakeholders

By Brenda Chidinma Imoeze

Comrade Chinedu Ogah, who was the All Progressives Congress APC candidate for Ikwo/Ezza South House of Representatives, in the just concluded national assembly election, has appeared before the State government’s 5-man panel set up to investigate the heartless torturing of the vice chairman of Ikwo local government area, Mrs. Regina Iteshi.

Mrs. Iteshi was beaten mercilessly in February this year with hot iron inserted into her private part.

And it was largely rumoured that Comrade Ogah was behind that attack because of their political differences.

But Ogah who appeared before the 5-man panel set up by government and led by Justice Eze Uduma, denied having any hand in the attack.

He disclosed he was in Abuja when his Special Assistant called him, revealing to him of a report circulating on Social Media linking his name to a picture where Mrs. Iteshi was said to be beaten, raped and robbed of her belongings by boys loyal to him.

Ogah noted that, he quickly returned back to the State and drove straight to the Police Headquarters to clear his name but was told that they were yet to receive such report.

According to him, he also visited his community where the incident took place and called for a town union meeting along side community elders on several occasions, but nothing meaningful was said about the attack until he threatened to arrest all the stakeholders that attended the meeting.

It was then that they disclosed that the attack on the vice chairman was occasioned by political differences in her party, he stated.

Ogah said it was revealed to him that some stakeholders in the community who are members of Peoples Democratic Party had internal crisis which created Ogbuewu and Chief Ogada’s faction.

Stating that as a result, the victim who was said to be in charge of all money meant for the party refused submitting it to concerned persons, and that angered aggrieved members of the party who waylaid the vice chairman and dealt with her mercilessly.

To prove his claims, he said the son of the embattled vice chairman sent a text message to the PDP ward chairman and the message reads that his group would retaliate the attack. This he said was confirmed by a confidant of the ward party chairman who he shared the message content with and promised to bring same person to provide the text before the panel.

“Amb. Ogbuewu’s trouble with others was that he carried appointments meant for the area and distributed it among his immediate family. His wife is commissioner, himself-pro-chancellor, vice chairman – cousin, 3 ward councilors-cousins, traditional ruler-family member. Out Fifteen appointments; 12 are from his family.

“In summary, it was my SA who saw the post on facebook alleging that I sent boys to rape, beat, and rob Mrs. Iteshi and I was shock to hear that. I was in Abuja then. When I heard it, I returned and visited police headquarters here, which said they have not heard it.

“I also summoned two union leaders and elders on different occasions, and nothing reasonable was coming out until I threatened to arrest them all. That was when I learnt it was PDP factional issue between Ogada and Ogbuewu group that led to the attack” he claimed.

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