One Engr. Nwibo and his nursing wife have been nabbed by the police for allegedly poisoning Sam Aleke to death.

The deceased was the younger brother to Ebonyi state assembly member, Victor Aleke, representing Ebonyi North West constituency.

Victor revealed on Sunday that police arrested the suspects on Saturday, June 6, stressing that he engaged the service of intelligent agencies that tracked down the killers.

He maintained that his brother was killed for nothing, adding that Nwibo in his statement claimed he met his late brother naked with the wife in their house, but that the wife denied the allegation.

“Yes, I caught the people that killed my brother yesterday. They are husband and wife and they have confessed to the crime. The man who helped them is still on the run but the main culprits are in the police custody.

“The murderers are from mkpalugwu in Izzi local government Area. The husband was my late brother’s classmate in ESUTH and even the wife came to my brother’s house the morning after they killed him to sympathize with his wife who is also her friend, can you imagine the height of wickedness.

“According to the wife in the morning when she was apprehended, she said her husband had earlier told her that he wanted to kill my late brother and she asked her husband what was my late brother’s offence, he beat the hell out of her and promised to kill her if she disclosed his plan to anyone. So he went and bought poison and gave it to her to add it to a bottle of coke they gave to my late brother. So that very Saturday evening, they invited my brother to their house, when  he came they offered him a drink which he refused and said he will take coke. Then the woman added the poison in his drink and after drinking the coke he complaining that his stomach was disturbing him. He collapsed and they took him to his car with some other unidentified persons and made sure he died.

“The man who killed my brother is in the same club meeting with me. His wife and my late brother’s wife are in the same meeting also . He was a close friend of the family.

“She also confessed that my brother never slept with her. While the husband at the onset alledged that he doesn’t know anything until he was tortured then he confessed to the crime. He said he killed my brother because my brother was calling his wife on phone and he was sure that my brother had slept with his wife . He also alledged that he caught My brother in his House naked” he stated .

Aleke questioned who wore the deceased the boxers, Jean trouser and  the shirt he was putting on when his dead body was discovered.

He also questioned where the suspects seven children were at the time the deceased removed his clothes and even when he drank the poison.

When contacted, the police spokesperson, DSP Loveth Odah, said the command would brief the press later in the day on the new development, stating that  the new CP was going on a courtesy to the Governor.

Meanwhile, The Voice gathered that the woman was a nursing mother. 

Sam was killed about two weeks ago, and his dead body was seen squeezed inside his car boot and parked before Nkwagu Military Cantonment

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