By Njoku Kelechukwu Joel

Ebonyi state Police command has arrested two students of Ebonyi state University for attempted murder of one of their colleagues.

The students identified as John Chukwebuka and Emmanuel are both final year students of the department of political science.

It was revealed that the students on Wednesday night attacked Onu Christian, beating him mercilessly giving him a deep cut on his hand under the influence of methamephamine popularly known as Mkpurumiri.

The students were at the verge of stabing Christian with a knife, when the knife was collected from them by a neighbour who intervened.

The Voice gathered that what led to the attack began on Monday, when John and Emmanuel entered the hostel and started behaving strangely.

Source revealed to THE VOICE that the suspects entered their room and brought out their properties and started destroying them.

Stating ” they broke bottles , plates and other valuable items they had. Fortunately,the Landlord came around and met them destroying their things. Attempt made by the Landlord to stop them proved abortive, as they continued destroying their properties.

“The landlord immediately called security agents ,who interrogated the boys and they confessed be to have take Mkpurumiri stating that it was their first time.

“After their confession, the police officers arrested them and took them to the station where they spent two days in cell” . He stated.

Speaking to the victim on why he was been attacked he revealed that during the incident, the girl formed of one of the suspects approached him, asking him what had happened in the hostel, and he told the girl to check for herself.

“One of the guy’s girlfriend came to me and asked me what happened and I told her to enter the hostel and see for herself, which I also told her that the landlord said that is like they took hard drug ( mkpurumiri) and started misbehaving.”

“So ,after their release they approached me and said that their girlfriend told them what I said about them. That I told everyone that they took Mkpurumiri, that they were going to deal with me.”

” I taught it was a mere threat, they came later in the night by 8:45 pm and started calling me. They were intoxicated with drugs, I came out of the hostel so that I could clear my name and tell them that the allegations levelled against me was false.

” Before I could say anything, they had started beating me. One of them used a very big plank and hit me. It was in the process of hitting me, that I sustained this deep cut on my hand.

“There was nobody outside to rescue me, but people later came out from their hostel, when they heard noise and my scream for help. One of them entered inside their room and collected knife to stab me. Fortunately , one of our neighbour came in and quickly intercepted him.

“The landlord came out and called the police, who came immediately and arrested them”

THE VOICE gathered that the suspects have been released on the approval of the victim, following their plea to write their final year exams while promising to embrace peace and foot the medical bills of the victim.

Attempt made by the Voice to confirm the report from the Police public relations officer ,DSP Loveth Odah proved abortive, as lines were not available at the time of filing this report.

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