…Directs Town Union President to urgently convey a town hall meeting
..Sen. Egwu, Barr. Odah pay condolence visit to victim families, make clash donations

Barr. Clement Odah

Ohaukwu Local Government Chairman, Barr. Clement Odah, has blamed the crisis in Ukwuagba community, Ngbo, on leadership failure in the area.

Odah said this during his formal condolence visit to Okposhi village, Ukwuagba community, in company of the senator representing Ebonyi North, Sen. Sam Egwu.

He said there are two challenges in Ukwuagba community. The first one is the conventional war between the community and Agila people, while the second, problem was internal crisis.

Odah lamented that the reason for the recent break down of law and order in the area that led to the killing of nine people, was leadership problem among the stakeholders, leadership crisis among the youths.

“The leaders of the community are at loggerhead. The result is that it has become very difficult for them to come together and confront their common enemy”, he stated.

He maintained that instead of the town union president of the Ukwuagba community, Chief Odanwu Joseph, to stand up to his responsibility of uniting the people, he decided to avoid the situation and wants to solve the crisis from a distance.

“The reason why this crisis has lingered is because the said town union President’s approach to the challenge in the community is more of avoidance. He has not being able to confront the problem, instead he seems to try to solve the problem from a distance”, Odah noted.

The council boss said that he has directed the town union president to immediately convey a town union meeting where the people will be allowed to vent their anger which will help to know where help is needed.

“After fully accessing the situation, I understood there is a leadership vacuum, there is a communication gape and the first thing to do is to breach that gape. I have directed the town union President to convoy a town hall meeting and he has complied. As we speak, the meeting is ongoing. Psychologically, I know that what the people want is to vent their grievances that is all.

“And as long as you stay away from the issues, they will continue to agitate and the believe is that the town union President is deliberately running away from the situation.

“So I believe that after today’s meeting, there will be a change, the tension will come down. In most cases what people want is not for you to solve their problems, but for you to give them room to speak and I have advised him to sit quietly, patiently and listen to them. Let them vent their anger, let them say all the things that are bothering them, he should not interrupt, he should not lose his temper, he should know two things.

“One, he should be humble enough to apologize to them where he has offended them and of course, make a promise to remedy areas where he didnt do well.
Once that is done, even the man that is more aggressive will turn out to be the most calm and moderate person”, he stated.

Odah noted that the community had an issue with a company, Master Rock in Aguwachi Village, Ukwagba, Community, and the crisis in the community spilled over to the company.

He said the youths agitated because they felt that the company neglected their cooperate social responsibility towards them after tapping the resources from their community.

“The youths invaded the company and insisted that they stop work. I have invited the leadership of the community and the company, so that issue will be resolved.

“The meeting is called in liaison with the Commissioner for Solid Minerals, Comrade Jonah Igba, who is also from Ohaukwu Local Government Area.

“We believe that the aspect of the misunderstanding between the community and the company will be sought out today, (Wednesday) and the meeting with the community will also bring down already flared temper. And will reassure the people that the goodwill which has been lost over the years will be restored”.

“Asked if there will be need to change the town union President since there is leadership failure in the area, Odah said there is no need for that now, adding that it could only be their last option. We must exploit other ways of restoring peace. Like I said, the problem in the community is leadership failure, aggravated by communication gap between the town union president and his people, and once that gap is breached, the issues will be taken care of”.

Odah during the visit also made cash donations to the affected families of the recent killings.

While on his part, Sen. Same Egwu, also made some cash donations and both donations run into millions.

He said the cash donations were just a palliative measure, while efforts were on top gear to bring lasting solutions to the crisis ravaging the area.

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