• The minister of state for labour Festus Keyamo (SAN) said that nobody should be punished for insulting public officers or criticizing government.
    He said that when he was making clarification on an earlier comment he made on social media bill. In an earlier post on his Twitter account @fkeyamo, the minister said that, those so called overnight social media ‘activists’ who oppose the social media bill should first stop blocking those who irritate them with insults, he said that they should unblock those they have blocked and apologize to them,
    He said “you can’t be intolerant and ask others to practice what you preach. However, some Nigerians disagreed with Keyamo they argued that there was no correlation between blocking someone on social media handles and locking someone up in prison over opposing views and insults.
    In his reply, Keyamo further said, “if you’re so intolerable of opposing views and insults on social media to the extent of blocking people, if you have the power you will lock them up.
    “That’s the point, some mischievous ones are trying to teach us that there is no correlation between blocking and locking, there is.
    “Mischief makers are twisting the issues let me be clear, nobody should be punished for insulting public officers or criticizing government
    “But if you post false stories that can turn citizens against one another or led to an uprising, YOU MUST BE PUNISHED!
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