1st August 2020, would shape the lives of many political appointees in Ebonyi state, as over one thousand of them would be rendered jobless, following the decision of the state governor, Engr. David Umahi, to terminate the appointments of technical assistants, senior technical assistants and executive assistants over non- performance.

Gov. Umahi recently expressed his displeasure over their non performance, and nonchalant attitude towards their assigned duties, while revealing that the sack would take  effect from August 1st, 2020.

Although, the governor assured that there would be a fresh  round of appointments into the positions, and that the dissolved appointees would be given the opportunity to reapply if they meet certain criteria.

One of the criteria according to the governor, is that they must be ready to show their farmlands and what they achieved in their first appointment.

Also, a top civil servant will stand in as their surety and their monthly payment is not going to be directly from him (the governor), but they would be paid by the ministries they would be attached to.

Granted, it is the governor’s prerogative to hire and fire those he appointed into any position of duty, and any individual who is not living up to his expectations such appointment could be terminated by him at any moment. He could also appoint anyone provided the individual meets up with the criteria and is able to deliver on his mandate.

Any decision made by the governor whether good or bad, favourable or not, is seen to be done for the interest of the State.

Before the colossal sack, the governor had announced the indefinite suspension from duties of his five special assistants on market following their inability to guide marketers in observing the COVID-19 safety protocols.  The affected aides were reportedly not on duty the day governor Umahi visited the international market and he angrily ordered the indefinite suspension of the affected aides.

The suspension of the aides who absconded from duty was a right step in the right direction, as their suspension was meant to serve as a deterrent to others, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case because shortly they were suspended, the sack of others was announced.

The decision to relieve all the political aides of their duties following the nonchalant attitude of a few, could be termed as  unfair to so many of these appointees because not as many of them were inactive,  most were very zealous and dedicated to their jobs.

The sack of  these aides at this time when the country’s economy is in comatose, coupled with the COVID 19 pandemic which has caused more hardship than anticipated the is worrisome.

The termination would increase the level of unemployment in the State, and many of these political appointees solely relied on their monthly stipends to feed their families.

Relieving them of their duties now, especially this period would do more harm than good to the State, as most of these political appointees may delve into crime to be able to sustain their families.

Remember that some of them were lifted of the streets and empowered by the state government, this in turn reduced the level of criminality witnessed in the state for some years now. These ones who were taken of the streets do not joke with their jobs and had shown serious dedication to duties.

Before the state government finally lay off these aides, this newspaper urges the governor to set up a committee with the sole responsibility of examining their performances within the period they were appointed. Those who were not committed or absconded from their duties should be relieved of their jobs while those that did well should be retained with no conditions attached to it.

The governor should also desist from appointing too many aides without specific duties.

While we support his empowerment of Ebonyi youths, he should resist the urge of appointing too many aides as most of them are confused about what is required of them to do because other appointees are assigned the same portfolios.

But when lesser number of people are appointed, you discover that they will deliver on their mandates because there will be specific assignments which will not clash with that of other appointees.

Most of them end up not knowing their boundaries and are confused of how to go about their duties because some other people have been assigned to carry the same assignment. This on different occasions has resulted to misunderstandings between the appointees.


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