A group, Salt Family Foundation Worldwide, also known as the Ebonyi Body, has berated the Association of Ebonyi Indigenes Socio-cultural in the Diaspora (AEISCID) for their lack of patience towards the current administration.

The foundation equally commended the State Governor, Rt Hon Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru over his appointment of Commissioners as well as other key officers of the government.

It would be recalled that a few days after the swearing-in of Governor Francis Ogbonnaya Nwifuru, the President of the AIESCID, Mr. Pascal Oluchukwu in a statement, called on Governor Nwifuru’s resignation over the non appointment of key officers of government and Commissioners.

Interacting with journalists in Abakaliki the State capital, the group, however, pointed Oluchukwu as being hasty and ill-thought for alleging that the former Governor, David Umahi was still in charge of the government and that he controls the current Governor.

“This clearly shows desperation and a lack of confidence in the capacity of Rt. Hon Francis Ogbonnaya Nwifuru to pilot the affairs of the State.

“Salt Family Foundation Worldwide rose to the occasion, took a stand with Ebonyians, and vehemently replied to the statement made by Mr. Oluchukwu of AIESCID”. It stated.

The foundation also faulted Oluchukwu’s knowledge of the legislative functions as the inauguration of the 7th State House of Assembly was yet to be done, hence, it amounted to a lack of patience for him to start criticizing Nwifuru’s government.

Chief Elvis Ekenechukwu Anasi, who is the Chief of the Hall of Supreme Leaders of Salt Family Foundation Worldwide opined, “As opposed to the write-up by AIESCID led by Mr. Pascal Oluchukwu, which made them appear cheap and desperately seeking for recognition.

“They were quick to hurriedly criticize the governor without knowing that behind the scenes, His Excellency, Rt Hon Francis Ogbonnaya Nwifuru was working tirelessly to produce a list of appointees that would stand the test of time and deliver good governance to the good people of Ebonyi.

“When the list of his political appointees such as the SAs, SSAs, SSG, and Commissioners was eventually made public, it dawned on everyone that His Excellency, Rt Hon Francis Ogbonnaya Nwifuru has succeeded in putting round pegs in round holes”. He said.

While commending the array of technocrats, professionals, and youths appointed by the Governor into his administration, the Supreme Leader of the Salt Family Foundation Worldwide maintained that Governor Nwifuru has shown vividly that he would run an all-inclusive government to make a positive impact on the people, particularly those in the hinterland.

“Looking at the age of people appointed by Governor Nwifuru you will find out that truly, His Excellency has lent credence to his promise of running the reconciliatory government with an open door policy to cascade the fruits of good governance to all Ebonyians.

“He is putting his actions where his words are, looking at the list of people in his Exco you will see that they are mostly youths who are vibrant and willing to hit the ground running”.

He commended the ongoing verification of local government staff as ordered by the Governor, noting that it would further identify with the real government workers and stop fraudulent activities in the civil service, especially at the LGA level.

“We know that once the government succeeds in identifying the real workers in the local government, their benefits will be time to put smiles on the faces of the workers.

“We believe that local government staff will begin to receive their salaries on time, he wants to empower the grassroots and restore the confidence of people in government

“It is obvious even to the blind that Ebonyi now has a governor with a good head on his shoulder, empathy in his heart, and good governance in his mind.

“A governor who seeks to reconcile all Ebonyians, restore confidence in governance in those that are led, and place Ebonyi in an enviable position in Nigeria,” he explained.

The Salt Family Foundation Worldwide expressed confidence in the State Governor, Rt Hon Francis Ogbonnaya Nwifuru to deliver the dividends of democracy and called on Ebonyians to support him succeed.

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