Samuel Omogo Foundation  to Commission 97 Boreholes 2022

*Gifts Clerics Motor bikes

…Laptop, Sewing Machines  to indegents


A Non-Governmental Organisation, Samuel Omogo Foundation, has revealed its plan to commission 97 boreholes in the State this year 2022.

The NGO has dug no fewer than 461 deep wells across some communities in Ebonyi State as part of its efforts  to alleviating poverty and empowering the less privileged members of the society.

The not-for-profit organisation also disclosed that it donated 15 new motorcycles to clergymen who regularly visit the hinterland to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ across the state.
According to the NGO, a total of 11 priests and four other less privileged individuals were given the motorbikes.

During the annual empowerment and thanksgiving ceremony of the Foundation at Ikpomkpuma Umuogudeoshia community in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of the state, its Founder/Director, Rev. Fr. Peter Omogo, charged all to cultivate the habit of showing love as exemplified by God.

Emphasizing that “a blessing is a blessing only when shared without discriminations,” Omogon said that the NGO also doled out five sewing machines to some trained indigent seamstresses who were unable to procure machines for themselves.

He added that 11 laptops were given to law students from different schools while 93 boreholes were drilled for some communities in the state between the years 2021 and 2022.

In an interview with The Point, the Founder said, “The Foundation’s mandate is to show love. It all ended in praise and thanksgiving to God. Thanks to my Lord Bishop and Chancellor for selecting the beneficiaries.

“We gave out 15 motorcycles, five sewing machines and 11 laptops. Thanks to all the priests that were present. It has been a wonderful opportunity given to our Foundation; opportunity of love.
“I believe that with the gift of motorcycles received by the priests, they will be able to reach out to their parishioners in the local communities and attend to whoever may need sacraments as soon as possible. The year 2021 ended with a huge success for the Foundation.

“In the 2021/2022 project year, we drilled and commissioned 93 borehole water wells out of 140 applications received which brought it to a total of 461 boreholes drilled for people free of charge irrespective of clans, religious denominations and political inclinations in Ebonyi State since inception between the 12th of November 2012 and 2021.

“The good thing about this Foundation is that we don’t discriminate. We show love to whoever needs it and wherever it is needed. We have drilled (boreholes) in many parts of the state like Izzi, Ezza, Ikwo, Ezzangbo, Ngbo, Ntezi and Uburu to mention but a few. We drilled in Catholic churches, Methodist, Anglican, Presbyterian and Protestants as well as in schools both government, missionary and privately owned.

“We have focused on three different areas; namely, water, health and education. For water, we drilled boreholes which also help to ensure good health. In education, yearly, we give out laptops and other educational materials to pupils and students. In the years ahead, God helping us, we shall do more.

“Today, we have over 40 priests and pastors from different denominations, over 2,000 laity members from far and near, including schools and orphanage homes who came to submit applications for boreholes for the new project year. We shall attend to them as God blesses us. My priority is to do the much I can when I can to all the people I can as long as I can.

“I thank my friends (the donors), we and the beneficiaries are all praying for them. They are supporting us despite the effects of COVID-19 in the global economy because we make notable impacts. You saw excitement on the faces of recipients. Their joy knew no bounds. We say, “May God bless our donors.”

Out of the four extra motorcycles that were given to some individuals, a physically challenged man, Ega Bernard, received one to ease his movement.

The priest explained, “The sewing machines were given out to five tailors who, for one reason or another, did not have machines after their training. The sewing machines are to boost their work not just to be self-reliant but to make them employers of labour, while the 11 laptops went to law students at the various law schools in Nigeria.”

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