By Angela Nwaeze Mbaocha

Group, social mobilization technical committee on UNICEF program in Ebonyi State on weekend, Educated Ebonyi women on how to protect their children/ wards from sexual predators and pedophiles.

Speaking to the women at Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement in Abakaliki, Former Commissioner for women affairs and social development Mrs. Margaret Nworie of Child protection Network, Ebonyi State, blamed child abuse on poor communication between parents and their children especially mothers.

She described as disgusting mothers who send their girls on contract to other states for prostitution and in turn bring money for the family.
She said such act is not just a sin against man but a sin against God. And charged women to pray and bring their family together.

On her part, Dr. Onyenyechi Okah, of Alex Ekweueme federal teaching hospital, took the women on menstrual hygiene stating that improper menstrual hygiene can led to infertility.

She warned against the use of medicated soup or disinfectants In washing menstrual products (such as cloth, and pants).

“If you don’t rinse the product very well, it will kill the normal bacteria that protect the Virginia from harmful bacteria. If you are using sanitary pad, change it every 6 hours, if you don’t, it can cause damage to the Virginia.

She also advised mothers to guide their children on how to maintain good menstrual hygiene and to avoid risky behaviour that can lead to infertility in future.

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