…Feeds less privileges in Ebonyi communities

L-R Mrs. Derick Mbeh, Dr Solo Amahaotu, Mr. Derick Mbeh, Mrs. Isaac Priston Ikegwu, and Mr. Amechi Okeh during the press conference

The Billion Coin (TBC), held its Nigeria International Conference at Enugu on Monday, march 2, 2020.

Three cities which are Enugu, Abuja, and Lagos were selected for the International conference while the first point of call was Enugu State. The Billion Coin is a Crypto currency founded by Kris Kringles and it thrives on pear to pear transaction, and It came into existence in 2016.

Addressing journalists as part of the activities marking the event, the TBC global trainer, Mr. Mbeh Derick, disclosed that they were in Nigeria to train over one million members of the group who are registered, even none registered members.

Stating: “Many of them do not really understand our objectives and they are just there for the money, but TBC is not just about money, TBC is about humanity. Remember, if you teach the people what they need to know, they will definitely have all what they need in their life.

Stating that they have the humanitarian part of TBC, adding that it’s not just about money but about giving humanity that dignity that they need.

Some of the less privileges going home with their gifts

He said they are in Nigeria for two reasons and the first was for goodwill and that the TBC administration from USA has provided some funds to ensure they feed some localities.

“We are here to help you, we have great conferences and trainings, workshops where we shall educate the TBC community, both members and none members.

“We shall be teaching them a technical part of it because we have a lot of technicalities and people are also trying to confuse our concept with other concepts that they know. We are in a new era and not all really understands, so we invite everybody to partake in one of these conferences because it’s going to be awesome”, he noted.

On her part, Mrs. Derick thanked their members in Enugu, most especially the women, stating: “this is a sign that ladies are not just house wives, but they are able to pull the bull by the horn and make sure that the vision and mission of TBC which is to eradicate poverty, lifting humanity out of hunger and misery comes to realization.

“Our mission is key, our objective is to serve one another with love and respect. So if we are here today in Nigeria, what drives us is the love and respect that TBC has for humanity”, she state.

Mrs. Derick charged the ladies to keep pushing; “and with you here we believe that TBC in Enugu is going to move to another dimension because we can see the man and their ladies standing behind them”, she added.

Earler in his speech, the national coordinator of TBC, who is also the host, Dr. Solo Amahaotu, said that TBC is a worldwide organization.

Amahaotu noted that TBC has the aspiration and vision of eradicating poverty globally, adding: “You understand that it is not a small feat to eradicate poverty in the world of over 7 billion people. But we intend to do that by having a membership of at least a billion people in the whole world. We want to have a special country in the world that has no border, no limitation of any kind, just people who want to survive and take away the slavery that the world’s elites have subjected the people into. In order to do this, TBC introduced a coin called the kringle.

“As of now we are over 50 million members and we are still growing. In Nigeria we have more than 1.6 million members, we are not new, but the point is that everybody does not know about TBC yet and everybody is supposed to know about it if you have the aim of freeing yourself from slavery.

“We have been mentally enslaved that’s why we are peculiarly poor. Poverty manifests itself through the brain to the empty pocket”, he state.

The national coordinator reiterated that their members are their own banks and are always in charge of their wallets, adding: “nobody can touch it because you alone knows your password and nobody else knows it”.

He noted that TBC is a special type of coin which is not dependent on the market situation to thrive as is the case with other coins, stressing that TBC grows because of its dependency on membership.

“Every member that comes in starts as a grain of gold and that is why when we get to our economic stage which is 1 billion grains of gold, if by that time a grain of gold is 302 dollars, it means you are having 3.2 billion dollars in one coin you have and with this we can employ more than 10 people each and if we do so, we have wiped out unemployment on the face of the earth and when we are doing this with love and respect for humanity we are given the people real life where you work and see the benefit of what you are doing,” the coordinator noted.

He said TBC is not quoted in the public market as such, there is no way to exchange the money, adding that it is used pear to pear.

“That is, you transact with me and I transact with you. As of now we have over 3,000 merchants. By the time we got to economic state, we shall have over 5, 000 legal merchants, which means there are no goods and services in this world we shall not be able to provide among ourselves and use our own money to transact it. Gentlemen, it’s an innovation and in the whole world, there is nowhere this is happening except in TBC”, he stated.

He said they are yet to get to the economic stage, but are in the distribution stage where a registered member is given TBC free of charge, but such person have to do some job which is to recruit people into TBC. “And we will pay you handsomely for doing this job”, he added.

He averred that as a crypto currency, that it has a blockchain and that registration is free but there’s maintenance fee which people are not obligated to to pay, but it will help members to enjoy more benefits.

Asked why some who had TBC long time ago are unable to access their wallet, the programme coordinator South East, Isaac Priston Ikegwu, pointed out that some do not know how to access their wallet because they are yet to educate themselves on how to do that, adding that though they do not charge transaction fee but they charge administrative fee. “So you can imagine, if someone does not pay administrative fee and he cannot access his wallet, how then will the person complain that he cannot access his wallet when he has not paid administrative fee.

“That account can always be accessed when you open it, but there are certain things you can no longer operate if you have not paid the administrative fee, but just to login to your account, everybody can always do so because your account is always there, just that you are always limit to some features in the wallet”, he stated.

Meanwhile, after the press conference, the team journeyed to Ebonyi state where they distributed relief materials to some less privileges at Ezzamgbo in Ohaukwu Local Government Area and Alex Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital Abakaliki.

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  1. Well done tbc admin i really appreciate your love for humanity the Good God of heaven will bless in you return I want to suggest that tbc admin should kindly try as much as possible to let the tbc holders to be able to spend their tbc so if this is done we will not even look for people to join us its people that will locate us they will look for tbcian to get their own done in fact if they see tbc been spending they will automatically have their own wallet registered. This is my suggestion thanks


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