Ukawu, Ishinkwo traditional stool endorse Elom

The traditional stool of Ukawu community, Friday, endorsed Prince John Elom to represent Onicha East constituency at the Ebonyi state House of Assembly.

The community made up of Amankpuma, Amoffia, Okuzzu, and Ishinkwo carried out the endorsement process at Ishinkwo, Ukawu in Onicha local government area of Ebonyi state.

Endorsing him, the people spoke in unity and prayed for his success. They noted that Mr. Elom remains the only candidate that has ever hosted them from 2019 till date and resolved to support their own to achieve his ambition.

Speaking in their turns, the traditional prime minister, onowu of Ukawu kingdom chief Benard Nwotolo said, “We have agreed that Prince Elom is the right person to represent us in the state Assembly, he has our support. Make sure that you bring back to us that which belongs to us.

“It is our turn to shine, since 2019 till date, John Elom is the first person to host the chiefs in Ukawu, as we are gathered here today we must stand firm and endorse him in such a way that if anybody comes tomorrow for the same position we will stand and tell the person that we have endorsed Elom, he should go for another position instead”.

Reaffirming what the prime minister said, Chief Igwe Joseph Nwankpo, Onoko village leader, Ishinkwo, added, “though it is said that the House of Assembly seat is zoned to Ukawu, if you check well you will see that it is the turn of the Ukawu clan to produce a representative in the Assembly, not that I heard, I am saying it is our turn.

“Our father asked me to tell us that our people are due for both chairman and House of Assembly. That we should know that we, Amankpuma, Amoffia, Okuzzu, and Ishinkwo are brothers, we should come together and produce our own. What we have to do now is to go to our villages and discuss with our people and let them know what we have agreed on today.

“This is our time, it is time to show love among ourselves, it is the time to remove all bitterness and rancor, let’s forget our sufferings and work for our own.
“Another thing we are likely to worry about is how to get the Oshiri people on our side, they indeed have only 3 wards, and we need to get them to be with us.

On his own, Chief Anthony Nwafor advised Mr. Elom to always consult the elders before embarking on any project. “One thing I want to tell Prince is that you should always consult this person before you do anything, Ezeogo asked our people to do away with every bitterness and embraces love, we went traditionally to see love reign in our community.

Another Chief who introduced himself as Okwesirike 1 of Ukawu kingdom also advised him saying, “stand firm when you get there, remember these people standing with you today, don’t be deceived tomorrow while at the Assembly, we will always support you”.

Earlier, Prince John Elom who has served as the councilor of Ishinkwo/Ukawu ward from 2010 to 2013 and as Coordinator of Ukaba development center from 2017 to 2019 said his visit was to seek the support of the traditional stool of the Ukawu community in his Assembly ambition. He promised to follow their advice.
“I have consulted some stakeholders and fought for the position of Onicha local government chairman to be zoned to Ukawu at least to bring development to us, but it was zoned to Onicha Igboeze . I questioned the zoning knowing the arrangement was that if the position of APC party chairman goes to Onicha west, the LGA chairman will come to Onicha east. After long deliberation, the zoning committee zoned the House of Assembly position to Ukawu.

“I’m here to seek the blessings of the traditional stool in our place, to tell you people that I want to vie for the House of Assembly position of the Onicha East constituency.

“You know I have served as a councilor of Ishinkwo ward, and as the coordinator of Ukaba Development center, in dose days I contributed my quota to the development of our place, attracted electricity, water, lock-up shops, access roads not to mention but a few. I also contributed to ensuring peace in our community.

“Yes as a human I know I have shortcomings but my promise today is that I will always seek your opinion before embarking on any project”. He added.

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