By Brenda Chidinma Imo-Eze

The All Progressive Congress (APC) has received a tremendous boost following the recent defection of Ebonyi state Governor, Engr. David Nweze Umahi to APC as over 3 million members of the People’s Democratic Party ( PDP) has declared their allegiance to the APC, reaffirming their unflinching support to Umahi.
The mass defection was made known to the press on Thursday, November 19, 2020 as Engr. Umahi alongside his deputy and millions of Ebonyians officially defected to All Progressive Congress at Ecunenical center.
Governor David who described his cross carpeting as divine, revealed that all appointees, 13 local government chairmen and legislators including 3 million Ebonyians have all decamped to APC.

Gov Umahi noted that there was no longer opposition in the State while urging the party members not to castigate the National Assembly members from the state who are still in PDP. According to him, they are still in PDP for business as APC takes over the state.
Stating ” “Let me tell you something, let your heart not fail you. No man has your destiny. When mere men tell me that I will regret this movement, I have examined myself and I have consulted God. There is a saying that says that if serving God, there is no heaven, that the peace of righteousness on earth is enough reward. The reward of freedom; freedom from dictatorship, freedom from one or two people deciding the affairs of men is gone. We are free at last and we have moved into blessings.”

“I have sacrificed for the interest of South-East and Ebonyi State, in particular, I sacrificed myself. We have dwelt so much in one political party and it is time to move to the centre. We are so grateful to God who directs our affairs. We thank Mr President so highly who has helped us to develop this state, we are grateful to him. The help of Mr President has transformed our state, Ebonyi.”

“This movement is the will of God, you cannot truncate the will of God. Today, I can boldly say that our state is 99.9% APC. The 0.01% is the room I have left for my National Assembly members. Do not castigate them, they are looking for something and when they get it, they will come back. Don’t castigate them, they are my children and I love them so much.”
“We have three members of the elders’ council, do not castigate them. They are my children, I am the father of the state, they will come back, we are together. There is no opposition in Ebonyi, they will come back.”
“This new house that is built on trust, that is built on justice, that is built on equity and fairness. This new house that is built on love is going to accommodate all of us. Together we are stronger, the bigger the better. Let us together approach the throne of God with boldness, we will not remember yesterday.”
“There is no victor, there is no vanquish in this marriage. It is a marriage that is consummated by God and therefore no bitterness. We as PDP people, we forgive everyone in APC and we have drawn assurance that everyone in APC has forgiven PDP. I have dissolved the elders’ council to accommodate our brothers and sisters that are coming from APC and this is very important to note.”

“South-East will move to APC. We have to launch out to the centre, we are tired of empty promises, we want action now. As my deputy governor has said, we have moved into APC, the governor united with his deputy in one together with 110 exco members with 1200 appointees of Executive Assistants, Senior Technical Assistants and Technical Assistants. We have 374 liaison officers, we are together in this movement.”

“We have 400 appointees of boards and commissions, we have 560 management committee members, we have 130 supervisors, we have all the 13 local government chairmen and all the vice-chairmen and all the legislators everywhere in Ebonyi State. We are all together in this movement. Above all, we have 3 million Ebonyians that have embraced this party that is developing our state, 3 million Ebonyians together in this journey to APC.”
Handing over the APC flag to Governor Umahi, the Chairman National Caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC), Mai Mala Buni noted that Governor Umahi and his supporters have been received.

He then commended Umahi for performing great in governance. He then urged the governor to do justice to all members across the state.

“Your intention to join APC is timely; it’s appropriate because you are coming to our party at a time we have started rebuilding the party. And to rebuild this party, we have started with reconciliation and now we have started the second phase which is membership across the country.”
“Today marks the new beginning in the political history of Ebonyi State. Your Excellency, I know you are a man of justice. You will do justice to all manner of members across all levels of the state from ward, local government to the state level.”

The 15-man State Caretaker Working Committee chaired by Hon. Stanley Okoro was also inaugurated at the event.

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