To be victorious and successful in any kind of battle there is need for unity and cooperation. The household which wages war against itself is destined to fail.
The recent killings in Ukwuagba Ngbo community, in Ohaukwu local government area, is a very big lesson for the stakeholders who always sue for peace but do nothing to maintain peace.
Ten persons were reportedly killed in Ukwuagba Ngbo community, following alleged leadership crisis in the area.

The assailants swooped on the unsuspected natives of Ukwagba going for a burial in a nearby community, and killed ten persons while four were allegedly abducted.
Even when the incident was a pathetic one, but much emphasis are being laid on the activities of those from the community which have aided the killings.
There have been claims that they were sabotaging themselves which has always given their enemies upper hand in the crisis.
Some people from the community according to investigation even go as far as collecting money to give information on when to attack their vulnerable women and children.
No wonder the Deputy Governor of Ebonyi state on his visit to the area after the attack, blamed seriously those from the community for being the architects of their problem.
“I am very embittered in my spirit. The first civilian governor of this state and the grandfather of Ebonyi State is from this local government area. And right inside here, I can see about seven past local government area chairmen.
“It is a shame on all of you. We did not come to paint pictures or clap for you. Do not deceive the government. It is pure falsehood, you know what is happening to yourselves, and you are killing yourselves.
You should know people who are causing trouble in your domain. The traditional rulers should be able to fish out people who are causing trouble. We have not come with the message of comfort but to sound a note of warning.
We are tired of hearing sentimental stories of what is happening in Ohaukwu. What we want is action. Some people wrote an undertaking to the government. Most of you are here and for those who are not part of it, we will make you part of it. Because they have agreed that if anything as tragic as this happens in Ohaukwu again, we should hold them responsible.
All the people that signed that undertaking must produce those people that were killed and those that waylaid the people going to Effium. You can set up a vigilante to do that. Enough is enough. We must stop playing games, the deputy governor retorted.
While on his part, the local government council chairman, stated, “Yesterday (Saturday), Ukwagba community in Ngbo was attacked and nine persons were killed and later another person died. They were massacred in their homes.
There is a situation we were trying to manage; some persons who were our Ezza brothers were going to a burial ceremony at Effuim from Enugu State. They were 30 persons in number and on getting to Rest House in Ishielu LGA, they were involved in an accident and they were taken to Ezzamgbo General Hospital.
While they were there four persons left them and moved ahead to attend the burial ceremony leaving the other 26 behind. Then when the other 26 reached the venue of the burial ceremony, they couldnt find the other four persons who left them at the hospital”.
Angered by the situation, the youths of the area decided to handle matters themselves by tracking down those perceived to be betraying them and dealing with them severely.
This newspaper though disheartened by the development, urges stakeholders of the community to rise up to the challenge head-on.
They need to put their house in order because if they don’t, no outside will do it for them.
Leaders of the community including the union president should organize the people and come up with measures to nip this ugly incident to bud.
Calling for a town hall meeting just as the chairman of the council has directed is a good start, but it should go beyond the meeting.
The problems bringing division among the stakeholders, youths should be identified and handled.
It’s not going to be a one day reconciliation. After the meeting, there should be a follow up. A committee should be set up to monitor the reconciliation process and report back to the council chairman.
And those perceived to be betraying the people should be caught and handed over to the police.

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