The Biafra Independent Movement, (BIM) has disclosed why Biafrans are not clamouring for Igbo presidency in 2023.

Addressing newsmen after their meeting in Abakaliki, the Minister for Planning and Strategy in the New Republic of Biafra, Chief Larry Ikechukwu Odinnma,stated that it has gotten her independence from the United Nations and as such was not concerned about the clamour for Igbo presidency in 2023.
He revealed that Biafrans want to rule themselves and appealed to the Nigerian government “to grant us our sovereignty as our mother nation.”
His words: “The clamour for an Igbo man for President of Nigeria is entirely not our concern and any groups or individual after such Intentions are on their own because we have gotten our independence and we have our leaders in all the relevant offices just waiting for our sovereignty“.

“We want to rule ourselves, we want to develop our nation. So we appeal to the Nigeria government to grand us our sovereignty as our mother nation. All the necessary arms of government is already actively functioning and doing credibly magnificent in the discharge of their duties.
“We have been given independence by the United Nation now we are waiting for our sovereignty just like Taiwan, and many others that have their independence status waiting for their sovereignty to now control their territories, have their own military, and have their own currency and that is why we are here to today because we have been bestowed that status by the UN government.
“The present administration is already aware of this development and they are not restricting us from holding any of our activities for the past one month now since our independence was granted. We the MASSOB/BIM are violence free and orderly. It is based on these facts that we were privileged to have the backings of the United Nation, Africa Union, European Union and other world bodies.

He continued: “though we have been faced with the challenge of arrest and killings by the Nigerian government when the struggle for the movement first started but they later retreated when they discovered that our mandate and struggle were noble and peaceful.”

Also, the Leader, Ebonyi North, Mr. Nwifuru John, assured his people of adequate dividends of democracy as he has acquired lots of experiences that will enable him pilot their affairs.
“I will carry my people along in the scheme of things and correct all the mistakes and misdemeanours of the Nigerian Government. We will continue to maintain non-violence. Our challenges have be uncountable. Thousands of our people are now homeless in Enyimagu Izzi. We can go there together to see what am talking about in Ebonyi. Though am ready to correct all these mistakes,” he assured.
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