By Judith Eze

The Ebonyi State Government has unveiled plans to set up an Investment Promotion Agency that will serve as a one-stop shop for potential investors and provide them with information, guidance, and support to thrive in their chosen sector.

The Commissioner for Commerce and Industry in the state, Chief Emmanuel Oguzor Offia Nwali, noted that the administration of Governor Francis Nwifuru is committed to foster economic growth and drive development.

He said that the plan of action would attract local and foreign investors and create employment opportunities for people in the state.

Addressing members of the press, Commissioner Nwali, highlighted the government’s commitment to providing a conducive business environment, streamlining bureaucratic processes, and implementing investor-friendly policies. Nwali emphasized that these initiatives were designed to position Ebonyi State as an attractive destination for both domestic and international investors.

To attract investors, the Commissioner emphasized the government’s commitment to providing various incentives, such as tax breaks, land acquisition support, and streamlined regulations. He also revealed plans to establish an investment promotion agency that would serve as a one-stop shop for potential investors, providing them with information, guidance, and support throughout the investment process.

He explained that plans are on the way to revamp the state owned pipe production company at Ezzamgbo, to provide Jobs for the teaming youths of the state and boost economic growth and development of the state.

Commissioner Nwali also used the media interaction to extend invitation to local and foreign investors to explore the vast investment opportunities in Ebonyi State. He assured them that the government was fully committed to creating an enabling environment that would foster the growth and prosperity of businesses.

“Our govt will stop at nothing to make sure that every sane investor that comes to Ebonyi will be given sane process. If you’re coming and you have land issues, I’m sure the governor will provide land for you to build on. He provide tax incentives to all genuine investors willing to invest in the state. Adequate security is also guaranteed and all other investment enablers to ensure return on investment”.

“The Governor Nwifuru government has a lot packed to make Ebonyi better. We have to sincerely build a new Ebonyi where you’ll like to be a part of. No more bribe to see the governor, and even to buy the slot as a contractor”

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