Ebonyi NYSC camp Begins With free Covid-19 testing


The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has opened its orientation camps in the country for the Batch B Stream 1A with strict adherence to Covid-19 protocols.

The Public Relations officer of the Corps in Ebonyi state, Ngọzi Ukwuoma confirmed this to The Voice on Wednesday.

She said the Old MacGregor College Permanent Orientation camp in the State opened on Monday with free Covid-19 test for all staff and prospective corps members.

According to her, all camp officials including the State Coordinator, Mercy Bamai and all prospective corps members took the COVID-19 test before they were allowed into the camp.

“All other Covid-19 safety protocols are strictly adhered to here on camp by the members of the camp community”, she said.

Mrs Bamai in her own reaction said that due to the Covid-19 protocol which stipulates social distancing, the number of prospective Corps members deployed to the state is lower from what is used to be in the past.

“We are expecting about 650 prospective Corps members unlike before when we used to have between 1000 to 2000 corps members”, she said.

She said the situation also affected the registration process as it was staggered so as to maintain the safety protocols.

“The registration which started on Monday is to last till Friday as we staggered it so as to maintain social distancing and to avoid crowding at any given time”, she said.

Mrs Bamai said that two meter spacing is being implemented at all activities in the camp.

“The two metre spacing stipulation is adhered to at the hostels’ beds spacing, at the camp ground, auditorium, during registration and every other activities in camp”

She said five concrete washing hand points have been provided in the camp and in addition to the normal washing hand points.

“From the camp gate, you are required to wash and sanitize your hands with water, soap and sanitiser. Then your temperature is taken before you proceed for registration and Covid-19 testing”, she said.

She said so far none of those tested have been positive.

According to her, “if anyone tests positive, we have put in place a procedure to ensure the person is properly taken care of in the camp’s isolation bay at the camp”.

The state Coordinator said the Director General of the NYSC, Brigadier-General Shuaibu Ibrahim put the by protocols in place because of his avowed policy of safeguarding all staff and corps members at all times.

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