*Claims his administration not owing Workers

Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State says his eight years administration has created 65,000 jobs for Ebonyians.

Umahi stated this on Monday in his last May Day celebration with workers of the State at Pa Ngele Oruta township Stadium, Abakaliki.

Gov. Umahi who would be exiting office on May 29, 2023, revealed that through the establishment of David Umàhi Federal Teaching hospital, International Airport, International Market and College of Education Isu, over 65,000 jobs directly and indirectly has been created for Ebonyians in the State.

Represented by his deputy, Dr Kelechi Eric Igwe at the event, Go . Umàhi claimed that his administration was not owing workers salaries.

“In our covenant with God for good governance in Ebonyi State, we believe that we have done our best for our workers.

“It was under this new regime that all promotion of workers’ arrears was paid, teachers’ specialized salaries started and soft agricultural loan of over Four billion Naira was given to workers to have second address.

“Many workers were also empowered under our general State Empowerment Scheme. What this teaches us is that dialogue and understanding between government and workers are the fastest and best methods to help workers achieve most of their rights and privileges,” Umahi said.

Governor Umahi represented by the Deputy Governor, Barr.Kelechi Igwe
Governor Umahi represented by the Deputy Governor, Barr.Kelechi Igwe

Governor Umahi announced that his administration would pay off the balance of pensions before his exit and some part of gratuities while the remaining one would be paid by the incoming administration.

“In this month, we shall be paying off the balance of pension which stands today at about ₦480,000,000.00. It is good to note that no pension is owed in all our Local Government Areas.

“In the areas of gratuity, the balance for state is said to be about ₦4,200,000,000.00. My government shall be paying off 25%of this balance in the month of May and next government shall pay off the balance when we get our stamp-duty refund.

“For Local Government Areas, the actual figure being worked out but ₦500,000,000.00 will be paid in the month of May while the balance will be paid off with Local Government Area refund of Sure-P and stamp duty.

“We must note that pensions and gratuity were almost not paid from the creation of the state. My government when we came on board engaged in paying billions of naira to defray these debts and what I stated above is the status position.

“I have approved our exit package of ₦10,000.00 to all workers of state and Local Government Area which shall be added in their May salary and paid to them.

“I have approved ₦300,000,000.00 intervention fund to EBSU to further assist them in their payment of salaries while David Umahi Federal Teaching Hospital and the University shall get ₦100,000,000.00 each to help them continue their infrastructure from the point where we had stopped due to no money,” he said.

Gov. Umahi also disclosed that his administration has created about 65,000 direct and indirect jobs in the last eight years.

“Under my administration, we have: created over 1500 direct jobs and 2000 indirect jobs at David Umahi Federal University of Health Sciences; created over 400 direct jobs and over 1500 indirect jobs at Ebonyi Famous Mall; through our direct labour jobs in the State MDAs, created over 30000 direct and indirect jobs as 99% of our infrastructure were executed by these MDAs using our local people

“In our newly constructed President Muhammadu Buhari International Airport which the Federal Government has approved the takeover, we have created over 500 direct jobs and this will yield over 2000 indirect jobs in the next one year.

“In all other sectors like agriculture, health, education and State industries and private sector, we can say we created over 40,000 direct and indirect jobs in Ebonyi State. At St. Margaret Umahi International market, we have created over 10,000 indirect jobs

“In all, we can say to have created over 65,000 direct and indirect jobs. We have created four more federal institutions like David Umahi Federal University of Health Sciences, David Umahi Federal Teaching Hospital, Muhammadu Buhari International Airport and Isu College of Education.

“This means more income tax from both Federal employees and State employees to our government, improved welfare of the people, more funds to the economy and increased commercial activities in Ebonyi State,” he stated.

Gov. Umahi further urged those he might have offended to forgive him as he had forgiven those that offended him.

“There is no doubt I stepped on toes and offended some. It was never intentional it was the best I knew and for the good of our people, please forgive.

“As I bow out, I have forgiven all those who thought they offended me.

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