gets stuck in hospital as she has no place to accommodate the babies, no money to cloth, feed them

By Joe-ogba Michael Onyebor

A woman, who identified herself as Mrs. Chinyere Okpuru Ngboke, and was recently delivered of triplet after having five children, has cried out for help.

Mrs. Ngboke is appealing to the government and the general public to come to her aid as she and her children are stranded in the hospital with no food and clothes.

She is a native of Agbaja Unuhu Community, and during an interaction with The Voice Newspaper at Maternal and Child Healthcare Center (MCH) Azuiyiokwu, No.14b Convent road, she disclosed that she was delivered of her triplets on Monday 29th July and since then, she has remained in the hospital because she has no home to go to and cannot afford to feed the new born babies.

She narrated that she hawks sachet water while her husband Mr. Chinedu Okpuru Ngboke, who used to be a businessman, currently has nothing doing and that she had already given birth to five children before the triplets, making it a total of eight children.

Her husband, Mr. Chinedu Okpuru Mgboke, told The Voice that he used to have twelve (12) rooms bungalow at the now timber shade before it was demolished during  Ex-governor Elechi’s regime and currently, they are  staying in  an uncompleted building after Hausa quarters.

 Both parents of the triplet appealed to well meaning Ebonyians and the government to come to their aid as they do not have the financial capacity of taking care of the children.

“I am happy for the gift God has given my family but my present situation has made this gift look like a burden. I appeal to the general public and the government to come and help us. I gave birth to my triplet on Monday, 29th July and since then, we have been here. We don’t have where to lay our heads and food to eat.

“My husband currently does nothing for a living. I used to hawk sachet water but with my triplet, I cannot do that now. Where we are staying now is an uncompleted building after Ogbe Hausa. My Children and I need help. I have given birth to five children before these ones.

“Anybody who wishes to help us should contact the hospital or call the following phone number, 09032290637, account number is:  3122504373, Account name:  Ugbara Nwovu Grace, Bank: First Bank”. Mrs. Okpuru stated.

On her part, Mrs. Odoh Elizabeth, the Officer In Charge (OIC) of the health center, stated that it was in her opinion that they stay back in the hospital since they lack proper accommodation for the new born babies.

She disclosed that the woman does not feed well and at such hinders the proper flow of breast milk from her breast and that the woman’s condition requires that supplements be made available for the triplets.

Mrs. Odoh narrated that she was the person that supported the woman financially and medically all through her antenatal period and appealed to the general public to come to the aid of the woman and her children.

“On 29th July, 2019, I had this triplet here in MCH Azuiyiokwu. Their hospital bill which is 6,000 naira has already been paid by a Good Samaritan but I asked them to stay because I saw that they still need care.

“I found out that the woman is from a poor family. I was the person that supported her all through her antenatal period because she could not pay for her drugs and ultrasound.

“So I am appealing that people should come and help so that we can give these children life. For them to live, they need clothing and milk because their mother cannot feed them with breast milk only. The mother needs cloth and food too. Mrs. Odoh disclosed.”


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