Dr Ezenyim

The Chairman of Ebonyi State Government Secondary Education Board, Dr Uchechukwi Ezenyim, has announced the demotion of three Senior Secondary School Principals for alleged desertion of duties.

Ezenyim who disclosed this in Abakaliki, maintained that the punishment for the affected workers would serve as deterrent to others who may want to toe the same path.

Stating that during the board’s monitoring of the just concluded first term examination, they discovered that some of the principals were not complying with the rules and regulations guiding the examination.

And when the team that went for the monitoring tried to enquire why the principals were not doing what they were supposed to do, they were giving flimsy excuses.

Ezenyim pointed out that the Principals also cover for some teachers who have two different employments and are receiving salaries from both institutions.

She also revealed that ten teachers in the state would lose their December salaries for same offence.

The affected Principals include Mr. Nwotolo J. N of Community Secondary School (CSS) Nzashi in Ikwo Local Government Area; Mr. Nweke C.J of Community Secondary School (CSS) Nkomoro in Ezza North LGA and Mr. Anyigor E.N of Community Secondary School (CSS) Okpoto in Ishielu LGA of the state.

The SEB Chairman who didn’t reveal names of the affected teachers that will lose their December salaries, noted that the affected principals were reported to the zonal office of SEB located at Onueke, in Ezza South LGA of the state.

“The said Principals, three of them in number, during the just concluded first term examination were involved in non-challant attitudes toward their duties.

“During our monitoring, we found that some of them were not complying with the rules and regulations guiding the examination.

“When we tried to enquire why they were not doing what they were supposed to do, they were giving us flimsy excuses.

“But the major reason we decided to sanction them to serve as a deterrent to other Principals is that the concerned Principals are hiding some of the teachers who are believed to be having two jobs. Maybe, a Federal and a State job at the same time. “And His Excellency, the governor has been demanding to know those ghost workers.

“I wonder why a teacher will not be in school for two good weeks to three weeks and no report is given about the whereabouts of the said teacher. And when you try to ascertain from the Principal who is in charge of activities in that school, he/she won’t even give you a proper excuse on the movement of their teachers.

“Therefore, we decided to take this drastic measure on them, so that those who are hiding will come out and we will know them.

” The 10 teachers involved are to lose their December salaries. “While His Excellency is trying to rebuild our education system, they are there in the field drawing the state back. Some of them are refusing the assistance that the Stakeholders in the communities wanted to give through their nonchallant attitudes.

” Take for instance, the grant given to them for agric farm in their schools, because of His Excellency’s policy that every school would be producing what they would eat and they have been doing that, but some of the Principals are misusing that fund,” she stated.

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