By Chinwe Imo-Eze Onwosi

The newly sworn-in commissioner for Inter-Party in Ebonyi state, Evangelist Philip Ogbonna Okorie has stated that under the new governor, Rt Hon Francis Ogbonnaya Nwifuru, only the All Progressives Congress Party, APC, would be in existence in the state.

Okorie said his new office would work to restore peace and unity among the political parties in the state notwithstanding their differences.

This he said will bring development and dividends of democracy to the people noting that God has committed him to the ministry of reconciliation in the state.

Okorie spoke to journalists in Abakaliki during the celebration of his swearing-in.

He said that he will work hard to return all the aggrieved members of APC to work with the government.

“I am of the APC but everybody in the state knows that I’ve been an Ebonyi man. And with that blood running in my vein, it is incumbent on me to reconcile everyone in the state. In no distant time, we will have only one party in Ebonyi state. And that would be APC.

“I will make sure I bring back all the aggrieved members of the APC and bring back our brothers in the Labour Party, PDP, and other parties in Ebonyi State.

“Everybody can see that the governor doesn’t have boundaries. He’s the governor for everybody and am going to be the commissioner for everybody. I’ll make sure that nobody in the state will be denied anything good because of party differences.

“God has committed me to the ministry of reconciliation and I will reconcile every aggrieved person.

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